Standing Together – Six Feet Apart

COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” has had a huge impact on people around the world. We’re all learning to adapt to this new world that has changed so quickly; from wearing masks in everyday life to following new guidelines from our government. We’re all in this together, learning everyday what we can do to help ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Here at Satellite Screen Printing, we’re fully committed to keeping a sanitary environment, following all CDC and Local Government guidelines, and providing our community with everything we can to help.

We know that Masks have not only been one of the most needed things for our communities to stay safe, but also something that our whole world is in short supply of. With that being said, Satellite Screen Printing is now offering customized Screen Printed or Heat Printed Reusable Face Masks.

We know that our local community and businesses are ready to get back to work and we’re here to help you do that. The CDC recommends that people in a workplace should continue to wear face masks, and what better way to come together than to have your team in matching Face masks and Uniforms. We can print your businesses logo, your team members names or any fun design you can come up with! A Face Mask is something small but meaningful you can give your employees. It’s not only showing that you’re following CDC Workplace guidelines but it will show your employees that they are an important person in your workforce and bring your team together as one.

We are open and ready to assist our community and the people around the world by continuing to supply Custom T-Shirts, Uniforms, Face Masks, and everyday wears. We’re in this together, coming together as a community and supporting each other through these trying times.

We want to extend our Thanks to all of our Essential Workers here in the Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Satellite Beach Area and around the globe. Thank you to all of our Postal, Grocery, First Responders, and all other Essential Workers!