FOIL Printing

Bold and Beautiful

What is foil printing?

Foil Printing

Considerations for Foil Screen Printing

Foil is a great way to add a little flare to your designs and it will help your garments stand out from other brands. There are a few considerations to take in to account if you're considering adding a foil print to your designs.

When you think of foil, you automatically think shiny, but we also offer matter foil application. Both shiny and matte foil are great options and if you're unsure of which will look best for your design our experts are here to help and guide you to the best options. 

Large bold prints that are high impact we consider to be the best prints to enhance with foil. Foil is not as impacting and efficient when it would be applied to finely detailed elements in a design.  

Foil that is properly applied will last for a long while, but the shimmer and shine WILL fade with each wash. We highly recommend that you design with a distressed pattern to increase the lifespan and wear-ability of your foil printed shirts. If it's supposed to have a distressed look to it from the start, it will be much less noticeable when your designs begin to fade and crack over time. Due to foil's tendency to break down naturally, consider how much of you want it in your designs.

Please note that we do not offer "all over" foil screen printing.