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What is Metallic Printing?

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Metallic and Shimmer Ink

What is Metallic and Shimmer Ink Screen Printing?

Metallic and Shimmer inks are one of the most popular screen printing techniques and among the most requested. It provides a lustrous, matte finish to logos and designs on your garments. 

Although it is possible to obtain a range of colors with Metallic and Shimmer inks, we recommend sticking to the traditional gold and silver inks for a vibrant finish. 

Considerations for Metallic and Shimmer Inks

One of the benefits of metallic and shimmer ink printing is its versatility to cling to a range of different fabrics. These inks are popular for a wide range of uses, sweat-wicking fabrics often used for sports or workout gear hold the metallic and shimmer ink just as well as the traditional cotton t-shirt. 

It is recommended that garments with Metallic and Shimmer Inks be hand washed. Hand-Washing these items will help keep the lustrous effect and prevent the Metallic and Shimmer inks from fading quickly. 

Items with these inks should not be ironed, dry cleaned, or run through the dryer. This will ensure the longest durability of the inks.

Like foil printing, creating a more worn and distressed design to be used with metallic and shimmer inks will benefit the design when natural breakdown of the inks begin. 

Gold and Bronze metallic inks are most eye-catching when paired with dark colored garments like black, deep maroon, or navy but can also be impactful on pale colored shirts. Golds and Bronzes can also be used to highlight others colors on a t-shirt.

Silver ink is a much more subtle way to add a little extra to your garments. It pairs well with a range of garment colors including black, deep red, purple, blue, and orange. It's smart to steer clear of pale colored garments when using silver ink, as the design could be too subtle to attain your ideal effect. It's a great way to highlight areas of your design and make it pop.