Tonal Printing

Subtle and Soft

What is Tonal printing?

Tonal Printing

Why use Tonal Ink?

The main difference of Tonal Ink compared to our standard Stock Colors is that it's actually translucent, like really translucent. What this means is that the garment color is going to show through the ink a lot more, which is what makes this effect so cool. 

Tonal Ink is really cool because you don't have to tint just Lighter or Darker, but your garments can be tinted any color you choose. Not only can you tint your garments any color, but you can choose whether or not you want it to be more Opaque or less. 

Tonal Ink gives you a lot to work with, it can look great across a huge range of colored garments and you can tint any color you choose. We know that sometimes choosing the best thing for your designs can be a little tricky, which is why our Experts are always here to answer any and all your questions.


Will Tonal Ink work on any Garment?

Yes, absolutely! Tonal Ink is perfect for a wide range of garments, whether you have light or dark tees or a whole rainbow. Tonal Ink will look great on everything, keep in mind though if you are using multiple garments in different colors the print will change appearance on each color. 

Some of the best garments to use Tonal Inks on is Blended or Heather tees, but it will look great on solid colors too!


Is Tonal Ink right for Me?

Tonal Ink is a great way to add something different and unique to your brand. 

We recommend using tonal ink on big bold designs. While we can get smaller details, they're going to be much harder to appear and contrast well with the shirt. 

If you're looking to do a vintage look, a range of garment colors, or you just want to try something different for your brand; Tonal Ink is the perfect option for you.

Our experts are more than willing to answer all your questions you may have about our Tonal Ink and can help guide you in the right direction for you and your brand.