Tag Printing

Step up your brand with custom tags

What is Tag Printing?

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Tag Printing

What are the Benefits to Tag Printing?

Custom screen printed tags are a great way to give your brand an extra touch point in a cool and unique way. These tags will go a long way in giving your garments a more retail-quality finish. 

Our Tag Inks are completely unnoticeable to the touch, which means you and your customers won't feel any discomfort on the back of your necks. Your custom tag will look great, and it will get rid of the itchy and irritating manufacturer tags. 

The biggest benefit to Tag Printing is you and your brand. If you're looking to step up your brand and have Retail-Quality Shirts, Tag Printing may be the next step for you. 


How do we Print Tags?

We have two methods to printing Tags for your custom garments. Both have pros and cons.

Our first method is traditional Screen Printing custom tags. Screen Printed tags are less efficient for a time and material standpoint, but we're able to offer a large range of both color and print sizes. Our maximum print size for Screen Printed tags is 3.5" inches wide by 4" inches tall. Like Screen Printed T-Shirts, Screen Printed Tags are guaranteed to hold up for the longest amount of time, and can hold fine detail.


Our second method is Heat Transfer Tags. Heat Transfer tags is our default method for all fleece garments such as hoodies or pullovers. This method provides the most image clarity on a fleecy fabric. Another benefit to Heat Transfer tags is the amount of colors available in a print. Heat Transfer tags can be an unlimited amount of colors but the cost is much higher due to the time required for Transfers. Maximum size for Heat Transfer tags is 4" inches by 4" inches.


How should I design my custom tag?

If your ready to design your custom tag, we have a few recommendations on designing!

We recommend including the following information in your tag art:

  • Company Name
  • RN#
  • Fabric Contents
  • Country of Origin
  • Care Instructions

We also recommend keeping your tag art moderately bold. The minimum type size recommended is 3 points. Although we can go smaller, anything less may not be legible on your garments depending on shirt style, ink type and color.

Tearaway Tags

If your garments come with any Tearaway Tags, we do not charge for the removal of those. Please be aware that tear-away tags will sometimes leave small pieces of the tag still in the shirt seam. We are not liable to remove all the pieces of the tag should some remain in the seam, unless you choose to pay for Full Tag Removal.