Simulated Process Printing

Full Color Prints with just a few colors

What is Simulated Process Printing?

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Simulated Process Printing

The Perks of Simulated Process Printing

When an image is not reproducible using our standard Spot Color Process, is a photograph, or a complex full color illustration that you want to be printed on either dark or light colored garments - then Simulated Process Printing would be your best choice. 

There are many great things about Simulated Process Printing. Using this print method we're able to achieve incredible detail - including photo realistic prints. Although you can achieve full color photo realistic prints with CMYK Printing, Simulated Process allows you to do it on dark colored garments unlike CMYK.

Simulated process printing gets your colors as close to the RGB spectrum as you can get. Using this printing method, you're digital designs, photographs, or artwork will look as accurate as possible when it comes to your colors. With other print methods, it's much harder to achieve RGB Spectrum colors and much easier to achieve the CMYK colors. 

Simulated process not only works with plastisol inks, but works with our discharge inks as well. Making a full color discharge print readily available with Simulated Process. 

Is Simulated Process Printing the right choice for me?

We've gone over all the perks of what Simulated Process printing can do, but is it the best choice for you and your design.

Well it all depends on what colored garments you're going for, the colors you need achieved, and the level of detail in your artwork.

If you're looking for a full color print on dark garments, Simulated Process is without a doubt the best choice for you. Not only can we print on the dark garments but if you wanted light garments as well, you're print wouldn't change at all. 

If you're looking to do a photo realistic print on only white shirts, CMYK Printing might be a better choice for you. 

It all comes down to your artwork and what look you're going for. If you're unsure, our experts are here to help guide you in the right direction for you and your brand.